If A Spot Comes BackSo Does Your Money

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to replace your carpet.
Spend just a couple hundred dollars and let Gallery clean your carpets with the most powerful customized equipment and solutions in Indianapolis!

Simply Functional. Simply Beautiful

When we install your flooring to last 20 years, we don’t forget you’d be walking on it for 20 years

Dirty carpet in the Oval Office...

has never helped a president make an important decision while staring at it.
Let us do our part when it comes time for you to make that important decision.

Gallery is only No.2 in carpet cleaning.

So why go with us?


We try harder.
(When you’re not the biggest, you have to.)

We just can’t afford any missed spots or dirty areas that come back. We can’t show up late or have smelly technicians or anything else than leaving your carpets absolutely beautiful.

Obviously, the thing we try hardest is just to be nice. Remember when servicemen took pride in their craft? Usually, you knew your local carpet cleaner and you knew the work would be done right. We believe this is what draws people to Gallery Carpet Care.

Because we can’t afford to take you for granted.
Go with us next time.
We clean the hard way.

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

A Different Kind of Company
A Different Kind of Cleaning

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Wholesale Flooring

Sales & Installation of Flooring

We’re building a 100-year company. We want to build our clients’ floors so great that their grandkids will crawl on that same floor.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Restoration isn’t just removing the water. It’s completely restoring everything like it never happened. And it needs to happen fast. That’s why we’re available 24/7 with emergency response.

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“Our daughter’s room had stains everywhere. This was the only company to ever remove them. Chris used wonderful equipment that protected our house as well. I highly recommend Chris and his crew.”

—Stephanie K.

“As soon as they started you could immediately notice the high contrast between the treated and untreated areas. They did an awesome and thorough job. Thanks!!!”

— Mark R.

“Chris did an excellent job in all the rooms and even has a guarantee that if any spots come back he will come back for free and take care of them. He was extremely kind and couldn’t have been more helpful. I would also like to add that he did all the work in the 2 hours, so not only his is work efficient, he is very thorough.”

— Ken & Pam K.

“Thanks to Chris’ practiced technique with the extractor, it leaves a beautiful pattern in the carpet when he was finished. Picture a well manicured golf course with it’s alternating light and dark rows of grass. Chris gave me a guarantee that he’d come back for free if any of the problem areas came back after it dried. I won’t be needing the guarantee. The job was performed perfectly and the carpet looks ten years newer.”

— Paula & Matthew W

“Chris was on time and got right to work. He pre-treated areas and went over everything. It smells great and looks fantastic! I should also mentioned that I called this morning and he was able to fit me in.”

—Allyson L

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