Carpet Stretching & Repair

Carpet Repair is 20% Tools & 80% Technique

The art of carpet repair is typically not offered by many carpet-cleaning companies.

It takes much more knowledge & patience to properly repair a carpet than it takes to clean it. Gallery Carpet Care professionals represent the highest industry standards in carpet repair and carpet stretching. Our industry expertise and equipment is unrivaled and guaranteed to restore the most worn-out and damaged carpet. One of the largest investments of your home is your carpet. With that said, it’s important that you properly care for your investment and repair it when necessary to extend the life of your carpet. Carpet stretching and repair services from Gallery Carpet Care can help keep your carpet looking beautiful.

Certified Gallery Carpet Care professionals can help repair your carpets if:

  • Bleach spots or discoloration appears
  • Seams open or become raveled
  • Missing tufts appear or yarn is pulled
  • There are burns or melted areas
  • Ripples and buckles begin to appear
At Gallery Carpet Care, keeping your carpets beautiful doesn’t stop at regular cleaning. It also includes caring for its foundation. Our carpet technicians will work to repair unsightly blemishes.

Re–stretch Carpets – Gallery Carpet Care will re–stretch carpets where the carpets have started buckling or coming loose. This happens due to improper installation and also time or damage. Our trained technicians use power stretchers, not just knee–kickers like most repair people and installers. This gets a better stretch of the carpet.

Patching – For permanent stains that cannot be removed like burn marks and bleach stains, we can either repair or replace the burnt spots using state of the art equipment and techniques (with extra carpet you may have or with carpet from a closet).

Tacking – Prevent people from tripping on open seams and prevent tears with our carpet tacking services. We will tack carpet back down where it has come loose in doorways and other areas.

Fix Seams – Seams are the #1 complaint among carpet owners. This can be a real problem area. Whether you have seams that have frayed or lifted, or just very obvious seams, we can re-seam the area to help remove the tripping hazard and reduce the wear and tear of your flooring. We use advanced techniques and state of the art tools to make sure the seam stays down and looks great for years to come.All types of carpet damage can be repaired with our professional carpet repairs. With our help,even the most deteriorated carpet can be brought up to a Gallery’s Carpet Care’s professional standard!