c6860ed1-dae0-4ec3-882e-d2195cd8ff61In December, Eric and Bobby from the Gallery Flooring Division started construction on three designer bathrooms for a new home in Noblesville. We wanted to show you some photos of the process and the finished product. The homeowners have a fairly contemporary style and were designing their home with lots of neutral colors.

            This is the shower wall in their Jack and Jill Shower. The wall is made up of a charcoal 12×12 tile with a charcoal, black, heather gray and white accent. It gives a modern and chic feel without being too over the top.c57c4db2-cefb-466f-b9e7-ec6d94a81da3

            Small 4×4 tiles are also becoming more and more popular with home design. That is what our customers chose for their second bathroom upstairs. They told us the colors and our design team came up with this pattern. We think it makes the shower look larger and gives a very symmetrical look.  These tiles come in virtually every color imaginable and are fairly cost effective. We highly recommend future customers consider them for shower walls and floors.

The last bathroom we created for our customers is their master bath suite. It has some very unique features that we are pretty excited about. The first one is this pebble flooring for the shower floor.  This spa-like element is timeless and will be enjoyed for years to come.  They chose the same tile for the shower walls and the bathroom floor in two different cuts. The shower walls are lined in Florida Renaissance Crema 12×12 cut tile and the floors are made up of the 18×18 version. Again, the bigger cut for the bathroom floor a modern element that is definitely popular right now.

Next4bc8948b-6ef5-4e41-b0ed-5b3c9c274469 month we begin to install hardwoods and carpeting in the same home. We are so excited for this family to be able to begin enjoying their new home come mid-spring of this year.