President’s Day, February 15th 2015

Here are some fun facts that you can share with your kids! President’s day is on George Washington’s birthday which is next Monday, February 15th. The day was created to honor George Washington, the first president of The United States of America, eventually people also used the holiday to celebrate Abraham Lincoln because his birthday is February 12th. Now the holiday has evolved to celebrate every person who has ever held the title of President of the United States. 

  1. You have probably heard before that George Washington had wooden teeth, but that is actually a myth. The president did have fake teeth, however they were made of gold, ivory, animal teeth, and lead.
  2. Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia and is the only president to ever establish a school of higher learning.
  3. James Madison was the first graduate from Princeton University.
  4. James Buchanan is the only president to stay single his entire life.
  5. William McKinley was the first president to use telephones in his campaign.
  6. Warren Harding lost the White House china in a poker game.
  7. Herbert Hoover moved his family to China before he became president and he and his wife both spoke fluent Mandarin.
  8. Richard Nixon used the money he won in poker matches to fund his presidential campaign.
  9. Bill Clinton has won two Grammy awards.
  10. Barack Obama is a comic book nerd, he collects Spider Man comics.

Here are a few trivia questions! We will provide answers in a follow up post next week!


Who was the shortest and the tallest president?

Which other US President is Barack Obama related to?

Who was the first president to ever fly in an airplane?

What is the president’s current salary?


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