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autoimageAuto, Boat, Plane & RV Interior: Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Remember the smell of that new car? Life happens, we spend so much time in our cars, we call them our second home. Soccer practice, ballet lessons, or just that busy Monday morning, a car has become a necessity. And with us spending so much time in it, it gets dirty. Goldfish crumbs under the back seat, the coffee spilled last month, our favorite four-legged friend’s hair and dandruff, it all adds up.

A dirty car interior is not just an unsightly, bad smelling thing. It can harbor dangerous sickness and allergy causing mold and bacteria. We can steam or dry clean your car interior with the latest equipment and give your mats, seats, and interior a sparkling clean and make it feel new again. When you book the service at Gallery Company, we’ll get rid of pet smells, food spills, and cigarette smoke smells. Trust your car to us and you will never be embarrassed to open your car doors at the carpool line!

yaughtBreathe easier. Call us now for that superior, car interior clean, that will make your car a pleasure to drive in. No more odor causing germs! Start living in a healthier, cleaner car!

A big part of car, boat, plane and RV cleaning entails cleaning the interior. However, this is not something the average auto-detailing center addresses with much more than a quick vacuuming job. The professionals at Gallery Carpet Care will happily take cleaning your car, boat, or RV to the next level by restoring the interior to like-new condition.


rvWhen Car, Boat, and RV Cleaning Needs to be Done

A lot of people wait until their car, boat, or RV is in dire need of cleaning before they take action. Coffee spills, dirt, pet hair, stains, sand and other grime can all necessitate a good cleaning. You don’t have to put off cleaning the interior because it’s such a big job. You can have your car, boat or RV’s interior cleaned whenever you like and the more often you get it done the better it will look overall.

No matter what type of car, boat, or RV cleaning you are looking to get done, the experts at Gallery Carpet Care can help you. Using our state of the art equipment and our extensive knowledge of interior cleaning, we will bring your car, boat, Plane or RV’s interior back to like-new status no matter how badly soiled it may be in.


To find out more about our car, boat, Plane and RV cleaning services call us today at (317) 769-0777.