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Everyone loves a good deal, so we’ll make it easy for you!


Gallery Clients Get Every other Cleaning for HALF PRICE!


What You Need To Do

  1. Have us clean all of your carpets, wall to wall.
  2. Have us apply carpet protection to all your carpeting, wall to wall.

That’s it, no teeny tiny strings attached, nothing! Just have us do what we have probably been doing for you anyway and get your carpets cleaned again in 6 months for HALF PRICE! Now you’re probably asking yourself, “How can Gallery possibly afford to offer a program like this?”


How I Can Afford To Give You A HALF PRICE Carpet Cleaning (and not go belly up)??

I’ll let you in on a little secret: just like when you wait twice as long to mop your floors, it’s much harder to get them sparkling clean again. It takes three times as long, and a lot more elbow grease too! You might even need to get down on your hands and knees to scrub those stubborn spots, spills and stains…

Well, your carpeting is no different! There are three things that we are doing that make cleaning your carpeting much easier for us:

  1. We have applied carpet protection to all the carpeting, (this makes the soil slide right off your carpet when we clean it).
  2. We are coming back to clean it in just 6 months, (so the carpeting has less time to get so heavily soiled).
  3. We are not moving any furniture at the 6-month ½ price cleaning appointment. (And of course this cuts down on the time we spend cleaning also).

These 3 things add up to the cleaning job taking us less time, and that saves you money, HALF! And of course by giving you a HALF PRICE cleaning in 6 months we are making it affordable for you to keep your carpets the way we know you want them, clean.

THE END RESULT: My cleaning time on average will be almost cut in half, and your carpets will look great!


It’s A WIN! WIN! Situation For Both Of Us

The truth is we’ll be helping each other out. You’ll be getting a HALF PRICE cleaning in 6 months, maintaining your carpet properly, enjoying a significantly healthier home and protecting the investment you have in your carpet! And in turn, I will have you as a happy client for many years to come, which gives both of us security and peace of mind! I think we could all use a little more of that.

If you can see the obvious benefit of such a service, all you have to do is tell us that you want to take advantage of the “No Brainer” program. Where you can get a 6-month cleaning service at HALF PRICE!

When we come to your home and provide services, we’ll give you a certificate that entitles you to a HALF PRICE 6-month cleaning. All you need to do is call my office in your sixth month to schedule your appointment. We’ll even send you a letter to remind you. That’s all there is to it. I’ll take care of everything else for you. This is Gallery new “NO BRAINER” program.

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