Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning


There is no substitute for experience! And that is exactly what we will provide.


All of us have experienced the joy of brand new furniture, but over time, stains appear, pillows go missing, and odors creep in.
Gallery Carpet Care can restore the beauty and extend the life of your favorite upholstered furniture.

Our Process

Cleaning upholstered furniture requires special training. Special considerations such as color fastness and dimensional stability of the fabric must be made. Gallery Carpet Care will provide the cleaning process that is right for your particular upholstered fabric.

Gallery Carpet Care’s highly trained upholstery technicians are certified and trained by IICRC. Combine this training with the most advanced stain removal techniques and products available, and your upholstered furniture will be returned to that fresh, clean, fluffy, and soft feeling that was etched in your mind the day your new furniture arrived.

Protect Your Investment

By keeping your upholstery clean, you extend the life of the fabric, which protects the value, and the integrity of the fibers.

Gallery Carpet Care’s Upholstery Cleaning Division in Zionsville can clean almost any type of fiber, synthetics or natural. We carry a variety of effective cleaning procedures for upholstery. After testing the fabric for colorfastness, we will determine exactly how your piece should be cleaned. The fabric is pre-vacuumed, pre-treated, and rinsed with our very low moisture method (dries in 2 hours). Our trucks carry a wide variety of pre-conditioners and the tools needed to perform the proper cleaning. No bragging – just fact – our technicians are some of the best upholstery cleaners in the state!

Schedule your appointment today and let Gallery Carpet Care help restore your furniture back to that “just delivered appearance” with our upholstery cleaning services.