Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can hold up to 4X their weight in dirt.

Stop living in all of the dirt, grime, bacteria, and other nasty gunk your carpet has picked up. A clean carpet will instantly make your living environment healthier and prolong the life of your carpet.

But you already know this, or you wouldn’t be here. The question is, why should you have Gallery clean you carpets?




Glass Of Wine Spilled On CarpetStains Don’t Have to Be Permanent!

There’s this crazy idea that the only way to get rid of stain is to get new carpet. People who think that have clearly never had us clean their carpets. Most companies only clean the top 25%of the carpet pile, leaving behind almost all of the dirt, grime, and bacteria.

Our combination of expertise and equipment digs all the way down to the bottom of the pile to get rid of the most stubborn spots and stains. We’re so confident in our ability that we guarantee you’ll have 6 months without spots. And if any spot does stubbornly rear its ugly head, we’ll come back and get rid of it for free.

How can we have so much confidence in our carpet cleaning?


We Use Hotter Steam for a Better Clean

It all comes down to the steam. If you remember your chemistry, water boils into steam at 212°F, hot enough to break down most dirt and kill most bacteria.

But not all, and that’s why we crank up the heat. The steam we use comes out at up to 240°F. Even more importantly, every 14°F doubles the cleaning power. So our steam that’s 28°F hotter than boiling cleans 4 times better.

Once the hotter steam breaks down the gunk, it’s time to get rid of it with your vacuum.





Customized Powerful Vacuums for a Deeper Clean

The steam and solution we use penetrates all the way to the bottom of the pile, so we have to be able to get all of that back out. Our unique customized vacuum system gives us more than enough power to do that. It sucks all of the dirt, grime, bacteria, and everything else our steam broke loose to leave your carpets completely clean.

With our unique system your carpets will be left SUPER CLEAN and SUPER DRY






Happy family sitting on couch with their pet yellow labrador onLogical Pricing for a Smarter Cost

Most carpet companies will base their price off the size of the rooms they clean. The problem with this model is that you end up paying for space that isn’t cleaned. Furniture like beds, or features like mantels and built-in bookcases take up floor space, but the carpet under them isn’t cleaned. And if part of the room isn’t carpet, like tile around a fireplace, then you’re charged for that, too.

With Gallery, you only pay for what we clean. We charge by the square foot, so we can be incredibly precise with our pricing. That pricing also leaves you with more flexibility and choice. If you decide that you want to skip part of a room, then you don’t have to pay for that part.

Our pricing is like our carpet cleaning—Straight-forward, honest, and dependable.




We Even Clean RVs, Boats, and Cars!

Our specialty is carpets in the home, but that’s not all we do. The carpeting in cars gets just as much grime as your home carpet, if not more. When we’re at your house cleaning your carpet, be sure to ask about getting your car’s carpet a quick clean, too.

We’re also there to clean your home away from home, whether it’s on the road or on the water. We’ll bring the same skill and cleaning power to bear on your RV or boat to revitalize your carpets.





Invest in your health today!

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